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                芬兰维萨拉公司成№立于1936年,以研发、生产环境和工业测量系统和设备而著称于世。1994年成立北京代〓表处,2005年成立中国公司并建立中国售后服务中心●和校准实验室。测量参数包括◆温湿度、露点、油中︼微量水分、二氧化碳及气象领╱域中的风速风向、大气压力、降水『等诸多参数,维萨拉产品和系统以准确、稳定和可靠著称,做为全球500强中 70%以上企业的首选,维萨拉产品帮助他们监测生产过程、节约能源、提高产品质量。 维萨拉的viewLinc连续监测系统和验证系统,应用于生命科学工业的关键的受控环境。为用户提√供符合FDA和GMP规范要求的无丢失数据记录方案,实现对温度,湿度,二氧化碳,以及其它关键环境参数的确保故障安全的连续◤监测,警报和报告系统。 Founded in 1936 at Finland, Vaisala is a global leader in both R&D and manufacturing of environmental and industrial measurement systems and facilities. Following Beijing Representative Office established in 1994, Vaisala (China) was officially set up in 2005, technically supported by Sales Service Center (China) and Calibration Lab locally situated in China. By using Vaisala products, you can precisely measure a variety of parameters, including temperature & humidity, dew point, ppm levels of water in oil, CO2, as well as the parameters needed in weather services, e.g. wind speed and wind direction, atmospheric pressure, rainfall etc. Relying upon accurate measurement, and stable and reliable functions, Vaisala products and services has become the top-1 choice for more than 70% of the World 500 giants, as Vaisala products have always helped them to monitor their production process, save energy consumption, and improve their products quality as well. Vaisala Veriteq Continuous Monitoring System and Validation System have the best applications in key controlled environment of life science. They can deliver FDA and GMP compliant and gap-free data record solutions, dependably realizing continuous monitoring, alarming and reporting of temperature, humidity, CO2, and other key environmental parameters needed to ensure 100% safety.
                使用过氧化氢蒸汽生物净化技术抗击 COVID-19