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                主讲导师:刘璐 Ms. Lucy Liu
                基于制药行业的超压保护解决方案之泄压附ζ 件
                2021-05-10 11:00~12:00
                莱斯中国区域销售经理「 Area Sales Manager of LESER China 自2016年9月起,刘璐女士加入莱斯▆安全阀门 (天津) 有限公司,担任安全阀门技术支持,负责安全〓阀门相关选型及技术澄清工作。 自2019年1月起,刘璐女◆士在莱斯安全阀门 (天津) 有限公司担任区域销售经理,负责黑龙江及吉Ψ 林省的业务发展。 刘璐女士毕业于中◥南大学应用化学专业。曾多次⊙参与制药厂及工程公司技术交流及澄清。对安全阀用于制○药领域超压保护有深入的了解。 Since September 2019, Lucy joined LESER - The Safety Valve (Tianjin) Ltd, as a safety valve technical support. From January 2020, Lucy transferred to sales team, and took the responsibility of business development of Heilongjiang Province and Jilin Province. Ms. Liu graduated from the Central South University majoring in applied. She has the experience of technical seminar and clarification with the pharmaceutical factory. And get familiar with the safety valves used for overpressure protection in pharmaceutical industry.
                随◤着国家不断增强对安全生产的管理,企业对压力容器安全管理的重视程度也日益增加。设备一旦超压,将可能会引起爆炸,从而威胁到劳动者的人身安全,造成企业经济效益损失、国家财产安全损失,若爆炸引发有毒有害性物质的泄漏,将对环境造成严重污染。如何为压力容器选择正确、合适的安全附件成为企业安全生产的重要▓话题。特别是在↘制药行业中,由于其设备的特殊性,通常对泄压附件的洁净度、功能、材质等有着非常严格的要求。 本研讨会将与大家探讨制药行业超压保护中如何选择安全泄压附件◆的问题。 With the strengthening of the safety production management in China, the safety management of pressure vessels is also enhanced. Overpressure of equipment will cause explosion, which will cause loss of personal safety of workers, loss of economic benefits of enterprises and loss of national property safety. If there is the of toxic and harmful substances in explosion, it will also cause environmental pollution. Therefore, for pressure vessels, it is increasingly important to choose the right and appropriate safety accessories. Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, as the equipment is very special, it usually has the requirements on the cleanliness, functionality, and material about the pressure relief accessories. This seminar will discuss the selection of safety accessories for overpressure protection in the pharmaceutical industry.